“Of Literature and Lattes” Review

Book Title: Of Literature and LattesLit and latte

Author:  Katherine Reay

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Published Date: May 12, 2020

Pages: 336 pages

Rating:  3 stars

I’m beginning to think I should really make a note when I add a selection to “Want to Read” within Good Reads of how the book arrived on the list. I suspect “Of Literature and Lattes” was on a summer reading list…a light read. I heard about Katherine Reay’s other novel, “The Printed Letter Bookshop” set in Winsome, Illinois, but going against my usual penchant for reading in chronological order I picked up the latest first. Continue reading ““Of Literature and Lattes” Review”

Curbing Your Sugar Enthusiasm

Do you find yourself foraging for sweet and sugary foods more than usual? Do you constantly want to eat? It seems like this is becoming the norm rather than an isolated incident for many during COVID-19. Yes, it is a stressful time we find ourselves living in. Many are eating more, and craving sugar 12 percent more due to elevated levels of cortisol, which unfortunately is brought on with stress.

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A Chronicle of Empties

I confess: I subscribe and follow quite a number of beauty, style and fashionista YouTubers (Hot and Flashy, Stephanie Marie and Nikkia Joy). I gather and absorb their tips on makeup, clothes and gadgets they can’t live without. However, there’s one aspect about their lives I just don’t understand. On a monthly basis, how is it possible to film a video totally devoted to their empties?

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Back to Baking Basics

img_7454This past weekend, not only did I have to brush off the cobwebs on my bakeware, but also perform some summer cleaning on the blog. I decided to get back in the saddle and start blog writing again. It has been too long. And I needed to decompress my brain to pursue other writing topics other than COVID-19 (as dictated by my day job). Great plan, right?

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Bullet in a Different Way

It seems as though I keep finding the need to have some type of bullet infiltrate my life, except of course for the kind associated with guns. First there was the bullet journal and embracing the concept, hook, line and sinker. The practice has kept me organized and goal/task driven with regard to many of my pursuits infused with all types of shenanigans. I’m still keeping things minimal and the swap away from full-out daily entries. I never thought a weekly layout would be my thing…but it is. Continue reading “Bullet in a Different Way”

Post SuperBowl Sunday Purloining

Honestly I am quite pleased with the end result of the SuperBowl. Even though I am a die-hard NY Giants fan, I can’t believe that I’m admitting this BUT…I did root for the Philadelphia Eagles to win. It was a refreshing change to see the humbling of the Patriots and Tom Brady, giving someone else the glory spotlight. Continue reading “Post SuperBowl Sunday Purloining”