Monday Motivation

I love Mondays. There I said it. I own up to it. A rarity yes. I think I love the start of the week because it is like beginning anew.  A fresh start to a world of possibilities for whatever might come one’s way during the rest of the work week.

On Mondays, I…

On Monday, my weekly summary pops up on my iWatch to let me know how well I did as far as my goals are concerned…exercise, daily move goal, and standing at least 12 times during the day.

On Monday, my weekly summary about meditation and mindfulness lets me know how often I take a minute to focus on my breathing and avoid the distractions that invariably come my way.

On Monday, I open up the first holder in my vitamin pill box (routine is to replenish for the week on Sundays so I can start with a clean slate come Monday morning).

thedailyOn Monday, I get to listen to The Daily podcast again having gone all weekend without being in the know courtesy of Michael Barbaro. This podcast is a fairly recent addition to my stash of podcasts. It is now almost a ritual. I have my morning skin routine and make-up laid out on Sunday night (well actually, truth be told, every night is in preparation for the next morning). I start to listen as I get ready and if I happen to not quite finish, Michael is my companion on my drive into the office.

On Monday, guilty pleasures are fed. For the past 13 months, I’ve been playing Pokemon Go (me who absolutely abhors video and phone games). I started playing as a way to get more walking in…we have quite a number of Pokestops in our neighborhood. Hunting down characters has been relegated to the back burner, as exercise of choice has morphed from outdoor walking to indoor cycling (I’ve been stuck on Level 26 for two months and only 174 characters in my Pokédex).

And lastly on Monday, from January through the end of March, and then the end of May through the end of August, another guilty pleasure takes the stage but in the evening. Yes, I confess once again but this time to being a member of Bachelor Nation. A couple of years ago, I would devour Reality Steve postings, and would know just how the franchise seasons would play out. But now, I much prefer to get an additional fix from listening to the Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps via Knox and Jamie at The Popcast as a Patreon supporter. And recently, for the finale and now last week’s episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, I discovered Almost Famous with Ben H. and Ashley I. as the hosts. An entirely different take with many behind the scenes looks and gossip.

So it is about that time to feed my Monday night guilty pleasure.

Oh and just for the record, hoping that Mike Fleiss’ tweet from last week was a red herring and Peter Kraus is the next bachelor ( it would be a refreshing change from the norm…maybe not expecting a proposal at the end of the season would be much more successful than the trope of the past)…with over a ½ million Instagram followers…enough said.

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