Countdown to What the Fade Mystery KAL

There’s no denying the fact that Andrea Mowry’s patterns are hot, and you can’t just knit one. So as I finish up (trying to at the very least) her Free Your Fade Shawl, I am already prepared for her new pattern, What the Fade? It is a mystery shawl knit along, and not my first time at a mystery KAL rodeo. I have knit many in the past…socks and shawls for the most part.

All KALs have been rewarding and enjoyable. There’s a secret pleasure in not knowing quite how the finished product will turn out. Plus there’s always a special place in my heart for a mystery, and it isn’t exclusive to the reading kind.

What’s It All About?

In case, you are not aware the What the Fade officially starts on Thursday, August 31, and a clue will be released for the following six weeks until the last one on October 12. All we know is that we will need six different skeins of yarn, fingering weight, and a size 3 circular needle (picked up my first HiYa HiYa needle fixed to try). So I already had five skeins in my stash of varying and complimentary shades of blue, and all from different dyers. Yesterday afternoon, I happened to be over in St. Peter so wandered into the new Stash a Place location and found number 6!

Countdown to What the FadeMy skeins are as follows:

Can hardly wait!!!!

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