All-Day Date

For a change of pace on Sunday, instead of a typical date night, we had a date day and night. First up we travelled over to St. Petersburg for brunch at Red Mesa for delicious Mexican/southwestern fare. I opted to include a glass of Blueberry/Pomegranate Sangria (yummy!).

Continuation of the All-day Date

Up next was a walk in the downtown area with wandering into Savory Spice. We first discovered this store in Colorado, more accurately in Littleton, and were hooked on several of their niche spices like Peruvian Chile Lime Seasoning (great on fish and scrambled eggs) and Park Hill Maple and Spice Pepper (go-to choice for baked sweet potatoes). Next door just happened to be an ice cream/chocolate shop, Sweet Divas, and we were both hankering for some gelato (seems to be a weekly occurrence as we fondly remember our spring trip to Italy) Ice cream was the next best thing.

Two additional stops were slated on our itinerary: Kalamazoo Olive Oil (to replenish our oils and vinegars that were running low…and since we were over in Pinellas County, we thought we would try someplace new) and Stash a Plash. Despite the fact that the website said they were open from 12 to 4, Kalamazoo was not so off we went for my yarn and HiYa HiYa purchase.

We decided that since we could cross the Bay on the south side over the Gandy Bridge, we might as well hit our usual boutique olive oil store: Joe and Sons. Our date went temporarily home to check up, walk and feed the dogs and then off again to downtown Tampa.

all-day dateLate last week, we discovered that movie that was winning all kinds of awards was playing at the Tampa Theatre. Picture old world theater and charm and that’s the proper vision. We met friends there to see “Menashe,” a Yiddish movie with subtitles. The movie is about a Hasidic man living in the ultra-religious community of Borough Park in New York, who is trying to be the best man he can be following the death of his wife, Leah. Unfortunately, his wife’s brother and Menashe’s rabbi decided that his son, Rieven, was better off living with the uncle after Leah’s death.

The movie is so much more than depicting the ultra-Orthodox culture and way of life. It is about family dynamics, love, loss, regret and redemption. A pleasant surprise and it also reminded us of two things: our love of foreign films and how we have been negligent in our support of the Tampa Theatre. Looking forward to the renovation, which is being funded by the “cush your tush” campaign.

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