Fab & Finished Friday

It was down to the wire last night, but I did manage to finish my “Free Your Fade” Shawl for Camp Loopy as well as my third project for PalKal 2017. However, it isn’t blocked yet especially since I wanted to wear to work today. Yes, a wool scarf in Friday sounds a little bit insane but it is like a meat locker in my office, and it works perfectly with jeans for Casual Friday.

fab finished fridayThis Friday happens to be extra-especially fab as all of my recent purchases from Fabletics arrived. After opting out of the new selections for a couple of months now since I became a VIP member, I opted to take advantage of the seasonal sale. I snagged three new tops…three long tanks and three sports bras. That’s the key with Fabletics…taking advantage of the sales. The entire purchase didn’t add up to one outfit.

Quite happy with my haul…treat to self in sticking to the workout plan, and not deviating, that I started on July 1.

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