#GYST on Labor Day

It has been a nice and leisurely weekend. With the Prophet in for part of the long weekend, we trekked over to Pinellas to visit mom, have lunch, and go to the movies. Somehow everyone agreed to my choice: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” Lots of profanity and violence, which ironically, only my DH was uncomfortable. Big fan of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson…so truly how can you go wrong? Entertaining and some high octane chase scenes. It is what it is and nothing more…just the right choice for an end-of-summer movie.

But today, I realized that it was time to enact #GYST (Get Your S$@t Together) and stop almost completely goals on my to-do list that just haven’t quite been accomplished. With that being said, I finally have all of the books I’ve read since 1999 shelved and noted in GoodReads. The grand total as of today is 782…and would really like to hit 800 by the end of the year. Now I don’t have to worry about my little black Moleskin taking a side trip to never being found again.

This year for Football Season, DH is the commissioner for our entire family’s fantasy league through the NFL, the BOSS League. I created my pre-draft preferences, because there are definitely a couple of players I do NOT want on my team (namely a certain QB from NE). Our draft will take place on Wednesday morning…invariably when I cannot monitor and adapt, so I will just hope for the best.

Also up today was DryEling the mountain of clothes that had piled up waiting for a quick tumble in the dryer bag. Almost done…just one more load.

GYSTAnd in a few, I will get back to watching the videos that Andrea created for the What the Fade KAL. Started the i-cord tab but needed to get the visual assistance for the two-color brioche start.

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