Back in Rotation

Last month, I blathered about my love for spinning…cycling that is. How I love the access to literally thousands of Peloton classes via the app and basically addicted to the endorphin high I get from Alex Toussaint’s classes.

You name it, I love it… Intervals and Arms, Live DJ, HIIT, 90s and even Beyond the Ride Stretches.

However over the last month, I’ve been cheating on Alex (actually a co-worker who also spins with Peloton does as well…and someone recently eavesdropped and heard us talking that we both were cheating on Alex…and with women. Boy, did they think they overheard interesting gossip).

We’ve been playing the field with Ally Love, Jess King, Jennifer Jacobs and a fairly new instructor to Peloton (since July), Emma Lovewell. Sometimes I even take back-to-back classes like HIIT followed by Low Impact. Emma definitely gets me focused and in tune with my body and energy in a totally different way than Alex.

And last week, Peloton announced its Fall Back in Rotation Challenge. During the month of October, participants just need to ride at least three times each week and you are entered into the weekly drawing to shop at the Peloton Boutique. Signed up as soon as the email hit my inbox and of course, surpassed the minimum (adding to the rides with the Beyond the Ride content…so excited that there are Beyond Live classes now on the calendar).

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