What Do PB&J and Voltron Have in Common?

The answer to the burning question, “What do PB&J and Voltron have in common?” is: Denis Morton. Who is he exactly? And what is the connection between these seemingly unrelated items? Denis is one of the newest Peloton Instructors, who changes up the descriptive analogy between cadence and resistance meeting together to give the rider output on the bike. His great imagination paints that picture for me as I do not have a Peloton bike (but definitely have the itch). I use the Peloton app on either my iPad or iPhone with a bracket fastened onto the handlebars of my Sunny.

I gauge my performance and personal best on a number of factors: caloric output on my iWatch, heart rate, feel of resistance as I turn the dial to the right and sweat the drips down my face. But really need to find a Peloton to test ride to see whether it would make a significant difference in the quality of my exercise regimen.

I’m definitely on a journey to reclaim my athleticism. I push myself and in the process the endorphins are cranked up, which energizes me to no end for the entire day. I’m more productive at work and in my personal life.

When I started with Peloton, my mind would wander in the midst of class. As time has marched on and I’ve racked up more and more rides, I’ve become much more focused.  Mission is to hit my century ride before the end of November…ideal on Thanksgiving.

I really like the flexibility of taking classes when I want to on my schedule, which means 5 a.m. for the first ride clocked at 30 minutes and I follow up with a different type of 20-minute ride. I also ALWAYS end with a 5- to 10-minute stretch from the Beyond the Ride Stretch pantheon.

Developed a little schedule of sorts:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 30-minute Interval and Arms and 20-minute Low Impact

Tuesday: 30-minute HIIT and 20-minute Groove, Climb or another HIIT

Thursday: 30-minute ’80s or Metrics and 20-minute Tabata

Working now on trying to figure out how to incorporate yoga and might even dabble into foam rolling. It’s my promise to myself.


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