Getting Tea’ed in a Deluxe Way

At the beginning of this year, I was on a hunt for some new tea leaves. I was bored with the selections in my tins and needed some recommendations. As luck would have it, while I was listening to an episode of The Knitmore Girls, I discovered a new company to try. Jasmin and Gigi raved about a company named Plum Deluxe.

Some of the faves by the mom and daughter longstanding podcasters were Reading Nook, Cuddletime and Meadowlark. After thinking and thinking about the tea, and honestly obsessing about it for several days, I hopped on over to the website. I was quickly impressed with the mission and philosophy of the founder and creator, Andy Hayes. His mindset is right in keeping with the foundation of what I am tasked to communicate every day with my job. (Our brand promise is “Making the most of life.”)

Minutes later after arriving on the site, I ordered the above blends and also became a member. My first monthly shipment arrived in early February and I think that Tart Coco-Cherry Cordial is still my favorite. It is a unique blend of ceylon black tea, honeybush tea, dried cherries, cocoa nibs, hibiscus, rosehips, apple pieces, cherry essence and oh yeah, love and gratitude.

Every month I look forward to the arrival of my purple package…quickly opening to see what blend will be seeped over the weekend. And every Sunday, I can’t wait for the arrival of the company email newsletter, “Making Moments that Matter,” in my inbox.

My November tea arrived on Wednesday and its Brunch Blend Oolong Tea (a little oolong, rooibos, forest berry bits…strawberry, blackberry, blueberry), vanilla bean and caramel extract. Looking forward to my first taste test this weekend.

Saturday is my time to unplug and unwind with a good book accompanied by a soothing cup of tea.

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