Purloined Monday Q&A

Once again on this fine Monday, I am purloining a little Monday Q&A from Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

*Do you ‘trust’ superwash wool?

So, confession here, although I have purchased quite a bit of superwash yarn, I have never just thrown any hand knit in the washer, and then low temp or cool in the dryer. I’ve only still washed by hand with SOAK. Though whenever I finish The Prophet’s Flame Hot Rod Hat,and  he washes it…that will definitely be a test.

*Can you go to the Movies and not have popcorn?

Easy for me to avoid this indulgence at the movies as I do not like popcorn. Now Milk Duds is a totally different story.

*Do you close you eyes during certain scenes at the movies?

Never. The scarier the movie the better in my book.

*What is one thing you simply couldn’t eat if a host made it for you for dinner?

Outside of keeping kosher and being gluten free, I’m pretty open to anything…oh wait, I do not like key lime pie so I pass that up for dessert.

*What is a pattern part that will keep you from knitting that pattern?

It is a toss-up between an afterthought heel and steeking. Both knitting techniques terrify me.

*Do you cook with flower petals and flowers?

I have cooked with rose water, but that is the closest I’ve even come to cooking with petals and/or flowers.

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