Let the Garden Magic Begin

Hard to believe that this is our one year plot anniversary in our community garden, Vista Gardens. We were fortunate our first year to have quite the harvest of red leaf romaine, butter crunch lettuce, lacinato kale, green onions, sweet banana peppers, tomatillos but only one strawberry and one Cherokee purple tomato.

After the summer fallow of the plot, I finally planted our winter garden. The one lone survivor was a green onion started from kitchen leftovers…all about being green and recycling. This time around opting to try some different varieties for phase 1 (though I still need to get some seedlings started).

Planted the following seedling starters courtesy of the committee at the Garden:

  • Brandywine Tomato
  • Yellow Pear Tomato
  • Chinese Bride Eggplant
  • Dwarf curled Bluescotch Kale
  • Garden Gem Tomato
  • Top Notch Creole Tomato
  • Ella Kropf Lettuce
  • Delaney Kale

After a little over two weeks, the tomato plants are already flowering with the kale and lettuce growing a lot slower.  And I do believe we can finally say adieu to the pesky fire ants that seem to like my bed after a combo of Andro on the outside and within the bed, Slugo Plus.

It is truly amazing what a difference the Vista Garden compost makes…better yield, faster growing and mouth-watering veggies.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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