Twin Revelation

Let me start by saying that we have identical twins in our family. Six-year-old girls who are actually even mirror twins. One is right-handed and one is left-handed. That’s how I first started being able to tell them apart. But over the last two years, their individuality has truly begun to blossom. One twin loves to dress up and is only comfortable wearing dresses and skirts. And the other twin prefers shorts and pants. 

Twins are always on my radar, and for whatever reason, really up a notch this week.

How so? Well I’ve been reading Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl,” which features identical twins who like my twins may look alike for the most part, but personality-wise might be as well be from different families. (A review will definitely be forthcoming.)

And then this week I played catch up on my podcast listening. I finally turned into the special Sunday episode of “The Daily” (a “New York Times” driven vehicle) that uploaded on November 19. Michael Barbaro, the host, did a story geared for children about the change in admissions in the Boy Scouts. He interviewed a family up in New England where 10-year-old twin sisters (in this case fraternal) each marched to a different drummer. Elsa is most comfortable in comfy clothes like sweatpants, jeans, has a very short haircut and inclined toward being the center of attention…very extroverted. Cleo, her twin, likes to dress up, wear jewelry and is more reserved and quiet. Both were Girl Scouts, but one twin given the opportunity jumped ship and is now a leader in her local Boy Scout troop (with many leadership badges to prove it).

Michael also interviewed some of Elsa’s fellow troopers. They thought it was great to have a girl in their troop…they didn’t mind at all. But one boy brought up a very valid point and question: If girls can now be in the Boy Scouts, why can’t boys be in the Girl Scouts? The boys fessed up that they really wanted to be able to sell Girl Scout cookies.

The podcast was a pleasure to listen (as always truth be told) and deeply thought provoking. This story really made me wonder whether my twins would each take similar paths like Elsa and Cleo when given the chance to be a Girl Scout or Boy Scout. Only time will tell.

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