WIPs and Chains (Well Really a FO)

On Sunday afternoon for  passenger knitting time, I decided to get cooking on the holiday bath mitts. Cast on the first bath mitt with the “Psychedelic” Lily Sugar N Cream cotton. As per my usual bad habit, I did not work up a gauge swatch and went for knitting broke.

Really easy peasy pattern. That’s the good news, unfortunately there was a downside.

By the end of the day, the mitt was done, however, in the process my hands became quite blue. The blue in the cotton wasn’t as set in stone as I’m used to when knitting with other yarns. Thinking that I will definitely need to soak the mitt in some citric acid and water for a bit. Then second wash with some SOAK. Would not be cool to make a hand-knit gift that turns my friends Smurf Blue.

I did happen to cast on the second mitt in a colorway, “Country Stripes,” that I’m hoping and praying will not turn my skin a lovely shade of blue. After the third mitt is complete, I will only need to find some candles to complete the spa-themed gifts (already procured the soaps with wooden soap dish). Ahead of the holiday gift giving season.


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