Everyday is a Filled to the Brim News Day

Is it just me but for the last three months or so, every day is packed to the gills with startling news, and most of the time, it is all breaking news. As I shared before on Mondays through Fridays I tune in with “The Daily” podcast but up first is “Up First” from NPR. My commute is just the right length to listen to both in their entirety. I feel like I can then start the day. News is my beverage of choice in the morning instead of coffee. Good old fashioned news you can use.

I stay informed with programming that is thought provoking and inspiring. In fact, the last several days have been prodded with clever advertising from NPR to increase the ante of donations by using the hashtag, #WhyPublicRadio. You should give.

Knowledge invigorates me and just in case I become tongue tied and at a loss for words, the day’s story provide fodder for insightful (low in differing opinions) chatter all the way to the water cooler (thy still have them in specific parts of the country.)

So relieved to learn this morning that TIME chose the women who broke their silence about sexual molestation/misconduct as persons of the year. That’s a step in the right direction. Now we just need to watch next Tuesday’s election returns and make sure that the citizens of the State of Alabama do not back the candidate who allegedly solicited(solicits) and sexually molested pre-teenagers.

It is so sad that the shenanigans went on for months and years, left unchecked. How many more women will come forward and say “MeToo?”

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