Blue is the Color of My…

Today was devoted to finishing up all the bath mitts for holiday gifts. It helps to knit with large needles (#9 HiYaHiYa in this case) when my rheumatoid flares up, which it has since Thursday night. It usually strikes when the weather changes and for us in Tampa, cold came in (and heat’s on in the house…believe it or not) to roost and hasn’t left yet. The discomfort feels like the all-over ache you get when you have the flu. I forget sometimes about the fatigue that sets in, to the point last night that I went to sleep at 7:45 p.m. for the night.

But at least Sunday was productive with knitting. The only downside was that the second mitt also turned the soak water blue. I thought that I would get away with not needing to soak with citric acid like I needed to with the first mitt…I stopped counting after 5 times with more and more citric acid. The second colorway, Country Stripes, (Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton) did not turn my hands blue like the first colorway, Psychedelic, but blue was the color of my soak water.

The last mitt was knit with the “Aloe Vera” colorway so off the hook with blue water.

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