It’s Monday and Time for Purloined Q&A

Once again on this fine and cold Monday in Tampa (anything below 60 degrees is cold and it is 40), I am purloining a little Monday Q&A from Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

* Have you knit Christmas Ornaments or Hanukkah things?

No, just the bath mitts as gifts though I think that next year I might just knit up ornaments.

*Have you seen a shooting star this year?

Not this year but I have in the past.

*What’s your preference: cuckoo clock, digital clock, grandfather clock or a face with hands?

I love cuckoo clocks. They have always fascinated me. As a child, I wanted one in the worst way. Think it would be an awesome gift for me now as an adult. Hint, hint…but don’t think that my family reads this blog.

*Do you prefer chex mix for cereal or snack mix?

Chex mix as a snack. We actually have a tendency in the house to eat a lot of cereal as a snack…particularly Cheerios. And so happy, and relieved, that there are still Pumpkin Spice Cheerios on the shelf in the grocery store.

*Is your  milk expiration date before or after 12/25? 

We haven’t had milk in our house for probably 20 years. Ever since The Prophet had a issue with dairy and its digestion (just milk and not cheese), we have only had soy milk and now almond, cashew or coconut milk in the house. Expiration date of the current half gallon of coconut milk in the frig is 1/18/18.

*Name a bird you’d love to see in the wild?

As a child, the first time we were in Colorado during the summer we saw hummingbirds in the wild. The bird always intrigued me to the point that I cross stitched two types that are framed and on the wall in our dining room. I’d love to see in the wild again.

*What is the last color you knit with?

Last color I knit with was a pale green that thankfully did not turn the soak water green.

*Do you know anyone who BELIEVES in The big Red Guy?

Hmmm, probably a friend’s kids who are young enough to believe in Santa still.

*Do you have any solar decorations?

No solar decorations but that would be something interesting to investigate and would definitely work in the garden.

*Someone is knitting something for you. What is it?

If someone actually knit me something, I would love to have hand-knit socks.

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