Birthday Celebration with Socks

Well not totally with socks. For hubby’s birthday, he said to choose a location (usually in our family the birthday boy or girl decides)…mainly because as my being gluten-free places sanctions on many local eateries. Decision was made to finally go ahead and try Sacred Pepper in Carrollwood. 

And best of all, easy peasy lemony squeezy, able to make reservations via Open Table…with no muss no fuss.

I heard great feedback from a number of friends that know both of us, and they said that we would definitely enjoy the ambience and food. Soon as we arrived (unfortunately late as we unexpectedly sat through three cycles at a light to make a left turn onto the main drag running north to south…note to selves, next time go the back way, which will be much faster) we were greeted warmly. And they did not make us feel like second-class citizens with our tardiness. Although we did find it a bit odd that they were planning to place us at a table for four. We requested a more intimate table for two and they quickly accommodated us. It truly felt like we were back in Blu on a Celebrity cruise ship having our dinner: a big plus in favor of Sacred Pepper.

Nice selection of gluten-free options for me…unfortunately they ran out of my first choice  which was the salmon. Therefore I opted for Grouper Piccata and hubby went with the Asian Salad Bowl. I cleaned my plate, which is a rare occurrence for me.

We slightly shared two items. First, the speciality drink of the evening which was a Sacred Frozen Martini (more like a white Cosmo) featuring a Elder Berry Liquor, and then second was the birthday dessert, one scoop fresh whipped cream with a center mini chocolate lava cake with candle and homemade fresh vanilla ice cream (I only tasted one of the two items).

The service was excellent (Andrew was our server) and I already voted to come back for my birthday dinner.

I did have hubby’s birthday gift in a bag in the car, but opening something personal in public isn’t his thing. He waited until we returned to the house and was delighted to see, try on and now wear his Hermione Everyday Socks in Socks that Rock–Mediumweight in the colorway, Free range chicken.


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