Sucks to Be Sick

When I was growing up, I caught everything that went around my class…mostly strep throat (to the point where I had my tonsils removed) and upper respiratory infections that were often accompanied by bronchitis. Although somehow I missed out on chicken pox until I was a first semester freshman in college.

Getting older somehow protected me, I built up antibodies and immunity, probably from whatever was being passed from one child to another in The Prophet’s preschool classes, then elementary school and so on. We were also fortunate in that he rarely got sick.

Then once I started taking oral probiotics—almost 9 years—that helped even more so. Until April 2016, I had not caught anything. Seven years straight without getting sick. But I finally succumbed to a nasty sinus infection at that time. And last Monday night, it started again…scratchy throat. Upped the probiotic, flushed my system with water, but unfortunately on Wednesday started to get congested and didn’t get any better. No fever so just kept with the fluids, over-the-counter decongestant: day time and night time versions. As the week progressed, not much better, started flushing my nasal cavities with saline but decided to see if some leftover antibiotic would help as lots of pressure in my sinuses. (Yes, not the best example of medication management.)

Thankfully I got plenty of rest yesterday and today…knitting on a new hat for The Prophet and football watching.

Eureka…it seemed to do the trick and I feel almost back to normal now and ready for a new work week.

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