Lost in My Own House

I feel so disassociated. Why? Well it all stems back a couple of months to when my hubby decided that he had enough of the Berber carpet in the house. And then his more immediate prompt to make a change was the buckling of a laminate plank in our family room after 17 years. So basically 2/3 of our house is now in shambles. 

Dust everywhere you turn and staring at cement floor slabs. And this is only Day 2! Add to the mix the fact that we are not to step on any of the tiles placed…it is like an obstacle course to get from one side of the house to another.

Yesterday, contracting company number one blasted out the tile in the kitchen, hallway and front entrance. Today contracting company two pulled up the old Berber and started to lay down the tiles. It is the same company that re-floored our master bedroom and closet a year and a half ago when we had a major flood in our master closet. Once complete, we will have the same tile throughout the house.

Really not an easy access to cook or prepare anything in the kitchen for dinner and high concern about safety being a major factor. Tonight’s impromptu dinner will be Subway tuna chopped salads, but maybe tomorrow the stress could be lessened by partaking of some happy hour sushi. Sure to put big smiles of satisfaction, despite the chaos, on the faces of at least The Prophet and yours truly.

Hoping that by the time I get home from work tomorrow the only room of the house left to tackle will be the family room and its laminate replacement.

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