Off the Needles with Stranger Things

It only took binge watching Season One of “Stranger Things” to finish and bind off The Prophet’s new hat.

Vanilla ribbing of a sort but with a knit thru the back loop followed by a purl for many, many rows as he likes the cuff to be long so he can fold it for infinity. Then the stitch pattern is based on 16 rows that make up the four-stitch pattern in Anne Hanson ‘s (Knitspot) Movie Night Socks. After three full repeats of these six rows I then used a set-up all knit row to decrease by two stitches and then decreased eight stitches every row until I was left with eight remaining. Cut off the yarn and slipped through those stitches.

Fits perfectly and now it is just resting comfortably in a soak bath before it will be lightly blocked. I really liked using Caron Cupcakes in Aloe Vera…just one tiny knot join while I was knitting that I was able to tuck in without anyone being the wiser.

What shall I knit while binging Season Two???

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