Childish Excitement Courtesy of Star Wars

Wishing Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas too) to those who celebrate.

What do Jews do on Christmas? I am constantly asked that question. For years, we have gone to the movies, but we really have not found a Chinese restaurant to our liking. So only the movies for us in Tampa on Christmas Day.

Definitely a given to which movie we would got to see today…you got it “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The Prophet was the guinea pig and went to see it last Sunday night with his buddies. Today, the family treat was to see it in Dolby…what can I say we are now spoiled for life. And need to watch action flicks with the pulsating bass sound and vibrating recliner seats.

Once again as I did with “Justice League,” I did not read one review or peek on line to catch any thoughts or feelings prior to watching. I wanted to have a clean slate like I did the first time. I remember seeing the original “Star Wars” at a movie theater in Mystic, Connecticut and being blown away and mesmerized. I was in the Han Solo camp and had black and white photos of him up plastered on the wall in my room as a youngster.

I still enjoyed the ever present good versus evil struggle between the forces, protege and master training, quirky jokes, alien lifeforms and the battle scenes.

It was sad knowing that it would be the last we would see Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. But there are still strong women to carry on the light saber into the future. I believe that there are more stories to tell for future generations.

We do have the first six episodes on DVD and will someday need to complete the collection. I can see it now…binge watch all the episodes with the current youngsters and those to hopefully arrive in the future.



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