#GYST Redux

Back on Labor Day, I decided to take the bull by the horns and enact #GYST (Get Your S$@t Together) and stop the vicious cycle of almost completing goals on my to-do list that just didn’t quite make it to being accomplished.

I wrote about getting all of my books since 1999 lobbed up into my GoodReads account. Definitely a major accomplishment, as of today I have read 801 books and overachieved my 2017 reading challenge goal of 62 books by three. Unfortunately, I still need #GMST (Get MS$@t Together), and update my account with the reviews (even if they are abbreviated versions) that I’ve posted here. And I also need to decide on a new reading challenge goal for 2018…maybe 68 in 2018? Will need to ponder.

Next up our family’s NFL fantasy football league, which was quite disappointing. Only half of us took it seriously and checked our team’s weekly. I thought that I had such a great team based on my draft. Unfortunately, my team was plagued with players who were constantly succumbing to injury. I actually went through five quarterbacks…yes, FIVE! I came in fifth place and just missed out on the playoffs. Perhaps next year we can convince everyone to take it a bit more seriously OR expand the invitation to include friends. But then again in our family, March Madness is like a religion and so we have that familial connection to tackle and wager on in the very near future.

Speaking of brackets, I had to chuckle when Domenico Montanaro on NPR put forth his 2017 news brackets on Twitter. So very entertaining…and in listening to the NPR Politics podcast on the way home from work this afternoon, I laughed even more to learn that the Mooch (remember Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s communication director for all of 10 days?) was trying to solicit people to vote for him over Charlottesville as a more worthy news story. Good grief, the chutzpah! There’s still time to vote and decide. Check it out on Twitter here.

I didn’t fare as well with DryEl goals this fall. The mountainous pile of clothes continued to occur and there would be times when I was good at keeping up and times when, well not so much.

And unfortunately, my mind wandered too much for any brioche knitting, including Andrea Mowry’s What The Fade Shawl and Kristin Lehrer’s Oracle Shawl. Maybe in 2018, a goal should really be learning how to correct brioche mistakes, or else consider the ‘oops’ a design element, or go back to frogging, which is ever so disheartening. Then maybe the above knitting will not be languishing in project bag timeout.


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