Sock It To Me Wednesday

Even though I’m still not done with the Zigzagular Socks for The Prophet’s birthday (he’s okay with the pair being late), I cast on for pair #1 of Box O Socks on January 1. I chose the pattern Crusoe, a Knitty pattern from 2005, so I can finally start knitting with skeins of Koigu that I purchased from Cast On Cottage in Georgia the same year. The colorway is KPPM P12831, and is definitely in keeping with the premise for the name of the pattern.

For the first pair, I wanted to knit socks that were happy in color…uplifting. And they should be a quick and easy knit so I can be well on my way to completing my 12 pairs of Box O Socks by December 31, 2018. The cast-on edge is something a little different for me: rolled. The pattern repeat is super easy as an added bonus.

And far as progress for the Zigzagular is concerned, I did make it to where I am about to start the heel turn.

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