Slamming Down a Shot: Turmeric/Apple Cider

I’m always on the hunt for all-natural ways to help manage my rheumatoid arthritis. In the past, I have tried using apple cider…a tablespoon with water chaser. But it really didn’t make any difference whatsoever with decreasing joint aches, especially when the weather drops and it gets cold.

I subscribe to the MindBodyGreen newsletter, which always highlights interesting articles and recipes. An article that was shared on January 1 intrigued me. It was how a turmeric/apple cider shot a day (morning or evening) could help decrease inflammation [check link for recipe]. I thought to myself…why not? I’d give a whirl and see. We had all the ingredients in the house with a slight twist: Our turmeric happened to be smoky turmeric. Nevertheless, I didn’t let this obstacle stop me from trying it out.

Surprisingly enough, it really wasn’t that bad. So every morning I have had my turmeric/apple cider shot, except last night I did have it in the evening. I also experimented and tried it with traditional turmeric…and still not bad at all.

Most importantly, the inflammation/prevention aspects of the recipe seem to have helped. It was a really great test as this past week in Tampa it has been unseasonably cold, which typically means my joints throb. No joint symptoms!

Needless to say, I am going to continue having my daily turmeric/apple cider shot in 2018 (the only time it might prove difficult is when we head out west to Vegas/Phoenix for vacation in two months).

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