WIP It Wednesday

Thankfully both socks for each pair that I’m knitting have progressed. Both “Crusoe” and “Zigzagular” have each made it to and successfully through the heel turn.

Now time to get cranking through the pick up and the gusset. I always find that once the gusset decreases are done and I graduate to the foot, the sock is smooth and quick sailing to the toe. I also will usually add an extra pickup at each side of the heel in between the instep stitches so that there isn’t a mysterious gap that appears. Another little best practice that I’ve picked up over the years knitting socks is to knit that first row after the pick up through the back loop.

Thinking that sometime over the weekend I might get started on yet another project…Botanical Yoke Pullover with my new Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply yarn in Ebony. I decided to knit wait and use the Comfort Fade Cardi to knit during the Winter Olympics. And to make it even more enjoyable, my new Tardis stitch markers just might need to make an appearance.

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