#TBT Review: A Thread of Grace

Book Title: A Thread of Grace

Author: Mary Doria Russell

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published Date: February 1, 2005

Rating: 4 stars

This #TBT review was originally posted on January 6, 2008 and was read for a number of reading challenges: A to Z Titles (T);  Back to History Challenge; Book Around the World (Italy) and 101 Books in 1,001 Days.

Let me set the stage…one of my favorite books of all time is the author’s very first book, “The Sparrow,” although the sequel (“Children of God“) left a lot to be desired in my humble estimation. I’m glad to report that I’m back to be a devoted fan of Mary Doria Russell.

This story is set in the latter stages of World War II in the mountains of Italy where I was fascinated to learn that many native-born Italians took in Jewish refugees and thus saving them from the horrors of the concentration camps.

There are multiple characters to keep track of, and thankfully there is a cheat sheet at the beginning of the book so I didn’t get thoroughly lost. The reader is immersed wholeheartedly in the times…you almost feel as though you are hiding out along with the refugees fighting the elements in the dead of winter in the Italian Alps.

If you enjoy and love historical fiction, pick up this book. You will happy that you did and might discover a new favorite author for your efforts.

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