The Marriage Lie Review

Book Title: The Marriage Lie

Author: Kimberly Belle

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Published Date: December 27, 2016

Rating: 4 stars

Challenges: Modern Mrs. Darcy (Read in a Day), #3 of 68 for Goodreads Challenge

When I can get so immersed in a novel that time stands still (chores are forgotten and sleep is a passing fancy)…well I would classify that as a very good day. Actually almost perfect for me. For the most part, this will happen when I pick up and discover a very good suspense novel. This was the case with “The Marriage Life” by Kimberly Belle…a new-to-me author.

The novel is told from the perspective of Iris, the wife, and begins on the morning of the day after her seven-year anniversary to Will. Their marriage sounds picture perfect, but you know there’s going to be a catch based on the title of the book. And trust me on this one…there are lies upon lies (LOL lie in the singular). Iris is a school psychologist and Will is a programmer in the IT sector. Rather than always saying “I love you,” their secret saying to one another is “you are my favorite person in the world,” which comes into play later on.

On the morning that starts the book steamrolling forward, Iris heads off to counsel at a haughty taughty private school (late because the couple put in a couple of baby-making sessions), and Will is off to the airport to fly to a conference in Florida where he is one of the conference speakers. And the book just takes off from there…fast. I found myself turning the pages faster and faster…you just want to know what will Iris discover with each turn as she uncovers lie after lie.

I really enjoyed the entire story…only negative in my book…is that at times, given Iris’ profession, she acts quite off-the-books for a psychologist. I thought she should have definitely known better. But a definite plus in my book, the ending…really enjoy when an author goes rogue. In the future, I will be adding some of Kimberly Belle’s other titles onto my ‘to-be-read’ shelf.

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