Midweek Photofinish

Best-laid plans went slightly awry today and I only have time for a very abbreviated post. And with the lateness of the hour, my morning brain didn’t have the gumption to write the planned book review for my recently finished reading selection. Hence, plan B was called upon to be put into action.

Sunday morning I finally went from bobbin to soak, but only after checking on my WPI for the two-ply Spunky Eclectic  Club fiber. Refresh: Fiber is February 2016 Farmer’s (BFL) Sheepswool in “Aspens.”My skein lingered for an hour in her Eucalan bath, followed by a heavy thwacking and hung to dry. I personally have always hung cleaning bottles at the low end of the hanging yarn to help get some minor overspun spots pulled out.

And Eureka! Another completed skein that is destined to be a square in The Prophet’s Memory Blanket.

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