Getting Back to Purloined Mondays

It’s been a while since we had a little Q&A on a Monday…purloining again courtesy of Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

* Have you been to a night parade? 

The answer is unfortunately yes. I’ve kept it to a very bare bones minimum, given the fact that I hate parades. Around these parts, we have something known as Gasparilla in Tampa. This past weekend the Children’s Parade took place and then next weekend is the full blown adult version. The night parade occurs on Saturday in Ybor City…crazy with women’s tops being flipped up so that they can receive beads. A real setback, if you ask me, for the feminist movement.

*Do you know of a good site for people who are eating gluten free? 

Since I am gluten free, I know quite a number. I’ve used quite a number of recipes by Monique at Ambitious Kitchen. But for the past year, we have been doing PrepDish…more about in a very near future blog post. It deserves its own special recognition.

*Do you get tense when you knit things that require shaping thinking? 

When I have a knitting project that needs a lot of thinking, it isn’t so much a getting tense…it is more an issue of avoidance.

*Did you watch the Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary show?

Most definitely. I loved watching Carol Burnett growing up and the special brought back happy childhood memories of watching with my grandparents.

*Do you listen to holiday radio or your own playlist or CDs?

I am not really one to listen to holiday music. I do like the Nutcracker though.

*Have you used a deer deterrent? 

Never used deer deterrent. Don’t think we really need it where we live.

*Do you taste the free samples at the grocery stores? 

Most definitely. That’s how I discovered Caveman bars that are gluten free. And I am definitely partial to cheese samples.

*Do you use a travel website to plan your trips?

We don’t really use a travel website to necessarily plan trips. We like using TripAdvisor to find restaurants and we’ve used Trivago to find great deals on hotels. But that is really it.

*Have you purchased yarn since Thanksgiving?

I purchased yarn on Black Friday at A Good Yarn in Sarasota and also took advantage of Miss Babs annual gratitude sale.

*How particular are  you about wrapping paper? 

Well considering that I never wrap gifts because I really stink at it I would say I am not particular whatsoever.

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