TBT Review: The Night Watch

Book Title: The Night Watch

Author: Sarah Waters

Genre: Historical fiction

Published Date: September 27, 2006

This #TBT review was originally posted on February 28, 2008 and was read for a number of reading challenges: Chunkster (554 pages), A to Z Authors (W);   Themed Challenge, and 101 Books in 1,001 Days.

Our reading group chose this book as one of our selections for 2008 based on (from what everyone could remember) the fact that the author had won numerous awards in England. So with that said, my expectation was high.

The novel starts out in post-World War II England and with each section goes back in time. So in essence you know how the story ends at the beginning, but it is the discovering of how the characters arrived there that makes for an interesting book. Other than this technique…I did not care for the book…I had no interest in the characters at all except for maybe Kay who was the most redeemable and interesting…a masculine lesbian who was a paramedic during the war. If this book wasn’t to be read for reading group, I would not have finished it.

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