Post SuperBowl Sunday Purloining

Honestly I am quite pleased with the end result of the SuperBowl. Even though I am a die-hard NY Giants fan, I can’t believe that I’m admitting this BUT…I did root for the Philadelphia Eagles to win. It was a refreshing change to see the humbling of the Patriots and Tom Brady, giving someone else the glory spotlight.

At any rate, after the SuperBowl, what comes next? Purloining of course…courtesy of Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

If I had knit a shawl with slip stitch,  knit next stitch,  pass the slip stitched over instead of K2tog would it have come out just as lovely?

Of course, it would still come out lovely…it would be a subtle new design element.


January is over.  What state do you live in and summarize the weather for January in a word?

I live in Florida and I can’t just use one word to describe the weather. It would be best to use a hashtag like:

#itsnotsupposedtobethiscoldinFlorida #hellfrozeover

I actually pulled out and wore my hand-knit sweaters and socks quite a number of times.

How did my yarn budget for January go?

I went with my plan of using stash yarn and holding out until we go on vacation to purchase anything new.

Did you watch any good movies?

We didn’t go out to the movies in January, but did go yesterday afternoon before the SuperBowl to see “The Post.” I forgot what an amazingly strong and determined woman Katherine Graham was…if not for her decision to run the Pentagon Papers in The Washington Post…well it made me wonder whether any reporters would have investigated such newsworthy items as Harry Weinstein, precipitating the #MeToo movement.

Name a sweet gesture that happened to you in January.

I had a nasty bout of migraines last week and my husband either made me dinner or ran out to get me my go-to comfort food, Pad Thai.

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