Bullet in a Different Way

It seems as though I keep finding the need to have some type of bullet infiltrate my life, except of course for the kind associated with guns. First there was the bullet journal and embracing the concept, hook, line and sinker. The practice has kept me organized and goal/task driven with regard to many of my pursuits infused with all types of shenanigans. I’m still keeping things minimal and the swap away from full-out daily entries. I never thought a weekly layout would be my thing…but it is.

And now bulletproof coffee. I believe it first entered my conscience about a year ago. Probably because so many people I know are CrossFit addicts and follow a Paleo lifestyle. I was aware, but not moving forward with any other steps…until recently. About two weeks ago I was on a webinar and someone mentioned bulletproof coffee in passing. It made me pause and make a mental note to investigate a little further.

For those who might not know, bulletproof coffee is touted to give you an amazing boost of energy, increase metabolism and clear the mind. How so? Isn’t it just another new fangled concoction that can be ordered at your local coffee shop? Well not exactly.

Here’s what bulletproof coffee is all about. You make your usual cup of coffee, but use beans that are organic, free-trade and without pesticides. Free of mold, which is often found in most processed coffee that’s not roasted, traditional bulletproof coffee once brewed gets two additional items added to the cup: two tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter and one tablespoon of MCT oil. All this liquid is actually placed into a blender–for me, I used a NutriBullet–whirled around the concoction until frothy. Next step: time to drink the bulletproof coffee.

I had my first bulletproof coffee this morning and it was actually quite good. I have always had my coffee black so okay with me to not have any sweetener. I was not jittery or hyper, which can happen if I have a plain ole cup of java. The theory is that the oil/butter mix allows the caffeine in the coffee to slowly release over a couple of hours.

Bulletproof coffee is also supposed to sub for a breakfast food meal. I drank my cup between 7 and 7:15, before I left the house for work and was good to go…no hunger pangs until about 1:30 p.m. I’m going to keep with traditional bulletproof coffee for the foreseeable future, with possible recipe experimentation being…swapping ghee for the butter, adding cacao powder and collagen peptides (supposed to help with inflammation, which would be wonderful for my RA, as well as a good supplement to assist).  Additionally, I also found a couple of hacks where you make bulletproof coffee pods, which can be frozen. You just pop a pod into your normal brewed cup of coffee. The pod melts, but if you don’t care to muck around and want to ensure your cup temperature is evenly dispersed…into the microwave your bulletproof coffee can go.

If anyone has any additional suggestions for bulletproof coffee mix-ins, I’m all ears. Comment away.

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