Back to Baking Basics

img_7454This past weekend, not only did I have to brush off the cobwebs on my bakeware, but also perform some summer cleaning on the blog. I decided to get back in the saddle and start blog writing again. It has been too long. And I needed to decompress my brain to pursue other writing topics other than COVID-19 (as dictated by my day job). Great plan, right?

So back to baking. I do enjoy baking, but I really had no energy to dabble in the kitchen. That is until my mouth started to water and my taste buds perked up when a dear friend posted on Facebook about her baking a tomato pie. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get off my rump.

I love tomatoes. It was one of only two foods I craved while I was pregnant. Love the taste and even better the smell. Sherry kindly passed along the recipe from Food Network and shortly thereafter the weekly excursion to Sprouts occurred for fresh tomatoes and gluten-free pie crust.img_7452

To be perfectly frank and honest, the tomato pie is not a quick recipe to make. It involves time spent slicing the tomatoes and then layering them onto paper towels to help soak up the moisture and water content (soggy pie crust is definitely not something desired). And the other hint? Well the recipe also calls for a cup of mayo…just too much fat content for our waistlines so I cut the amount in half and then used an equal amount of Greek yogurt to make up the difference.

Voila! Tomato pie with fresh home-grown sweet basil and Vidalia onion. My DH, who does not like tomatoes one bit, loved this recipe so much he boasted about the dinner and posted on Facebook too. I think in the future I will experiment with different types of cheeses and different varieties of tomatoes…especially when I start growing my own tomatoes again.Tomato Poe

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