Blue is the Color of My…

Today was devoted to finishing up all the bath mitts for holiday gifts. It helps to knit with large needles (#9 HiYaHiYa in this case) when my rheumatoid flares up, which it has since Thursday night. It usually strikes when the weather changes and for us in Tampa, cold came in (and heat’s on in the house…believe it or not) to roost and hasn’t left yet. The discomfort feels like the all-over ache you get when you have the flu. I forget sometimes about the fatigue that sets in, to the point last night that I went to sleep at 7:45 p.m. for the night. Continue reading “Blue is the Color of My…”

Can Two Reading Challenges Be Completed by the End of 2017?

That’s the million dollar question. I started the year mapping out what books I wanted to read for two of Anne Bogel’s (Modern Mrs. Darcy) Reading Challenges. Like the organized planner that I can be at times, I was proactive and wrote them all down in my 2017 Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. I also have some pages devoted to the selections that fall into my reading genre love…thriller, suspense and mystery. More times than not, I grabbed for that type of lighter reading over the course of the year. Continue reading “Can Two Reading Challenges Be Completed by the End of 2017?”

#TBT Review: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Book Title: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Author: Kim Edwards

Genre: Literary fiction, Contemplative fiction

Published Date: May 30, 2006

Rating: 4 stars

This #TBT review was originally posted on January 22, 2008 and was read for a number of reading challenges: TBR, A to Z Authors (E), and 101 Books in 1,001 Days. Continue reading “#TBT Review: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

Everyday is a Filled to the Brim News Day

Is it just me but for the last three months or so, every day is packed to the gills with startling news, and most of the time, it is all breaking news. As I shared before on Mondays through Fridays I tune in with “The Daily” podcast but up first is “Up First” from NPR. My commute is just the right length to listen to both in their entirety. I feel like I can then start the day. News is my beverage of choice in the morning instead of coffee. Good old fashioned news you can use. Continue reading “Everyday is a Filled to the Brim News Day”

WIPs and Chains (Well Really a FO)

On Sunday afternoon for  passenger knitting time, I decided to get cooking on the holiday bath mitts. Cast on the first bath mitt with the “Psychedelic” Lily Sugar N Cream cotton. As per my usual bad habit, I did not work up a gauge swatch and went for knitting broke. Continue reading “WIPs and Chains (Well Really a FO)”

Getting Used Q & A

Once again on this fine Monday, I am purloining a little Monday Q&A from Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

*Can you knit something by “heart?”

Once I get into the rhythm of a pattern, it becomes a little bit by heart. But I really still double check the pattern because sometimes my mind wanders and before I know it, I’m on a different stitch and frogging it back. Continue reading “Getting Used Q & A”