Lost in My Own House

I feel so disassociated. Why? Well it all stems back a couple of months to when my hubby decided that he had enough of the Berber carpet in the house. And then his more immediate prompt to make a change was the buckling of a laminate plank in our family room after 17 years. So basically 2/3 of our house is now in shambles.  Continue reading “Lost in My Own House”

Wing Time for The Prodigal Son

It’s Winter Break for The Prophet (aka The Prodigal Son) who returned at noon from college for actually an unexpected lengthy break. Instead of going back up to Gainesville for second semester, he will be in Tampa for his internship at a Rehab facility. Yeah! Now we can binge watch a lot of our favorite shows and then watch them live together. Continue reading “Wing Time for The Prodigal Son”

Birthday Celebration with Socks

Well not totally with socks. For hubby’s birthday, he said to choose a location (usually in our family the birthday boy or girl decides)…mainly because as my being gluten-free places sanctions on many local eateries. Decision was made to finally go ahead and try Sacred Pepper in Carrollwood.  Continue reading “Birthday Celebration with Socks”

Twin Revelation

Let me start by saying that we have identical twins in our family. Six-year-old girls who are actually even mirror twins. One is right-handed and one is left-handed. That’s how I first started being able to tell them apart. But over the last two years, their individuality has truly begun to blossom. One twin loves to dress up and is only comfortable wearing dresses and skirts. And the other twin prefers shorts and pants.  Continue reading “Twin Revelation”