Curbing Your Sugar Enthusiasm

Do you find yourself foraging for sweet and sugary foods more than usual? Do you constantly want to eat? It seems like this is becoming the norm rather than an isolated incident for many during COVID-19. Yes, it is a stressful time we find ourselves living in. Many are eating more, and craving sugar 12 percent more due to elevated levels of cortisol, which unfortunately is brought on with stress.

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Slamming Down a Shot: Turmeric/Apple Cider

I’m always on the hunt for all-natural ways to help manage my rheumatoid arthritis. In the past, I have tried using apple cider…a tablespoon with water chaser. But it really didn’t make any difference whatsoever with decreasing joint aches, especially when the weather drops and it gets cold. Continue reading “Slamming Down a Shot: Turmeric/Apple Cider”

What Do PB&J and Voltron Have in Common?

The answer to the burning question, “What do PB&J and Voltron have in common?” is: Denis Morton. Who is he exactly? And what is the connection between these seemingly unrelated items? Denis is one of the newest Peloton Instructors, who changes up the descriptive analogy between cadence and resistance meeting together to give the rider output on the bike. His great imagination paints that picture for me as I do not have a Peloton bike (but definitely have the itch). I use the Peloton app on either my iPad or iPhone with a bracket fastened onto the handlebars of my Sunny. Continue reading “What Do PB&J and Voltron Have in Common?”

Rider’s (Instead of Runner’s) High

I first tried spinning on a cycle…believe it or not…on a cruise ship. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by a) not being able to keep up with the pace or b) somehow having a mishap in front of people I knew at the gym I belonged to at the time.On a cruise ship, I didn’t know a soul, except for my DH. But lo and behold, it was so doable and I immediately fell head over heels in love with the exercise practice. Continue reading “Rider’s (Instead of Runner’s) High”