Childish Excitement Courtesy of Star Wars

Wishing Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas too) to those who celebrate.

What do Jews do on Christmas? I am constantly asked that question. For years, we have gone to the movies, but we really have not found a Chinese restaurant to our liking. So only the movies for us in Tampa on Christmas Day. Continue reading “Childish Excitement Courtesy of Star Wars”

You Can’t Watch a Dolby Movie Alone

On my curated list of things, I’d like to do, and close to the very top, was getting tickets to watch a Dolby movie. Over the years and the last couple of months, The Prophet has been stoking the fire and educating me on the evolution of superheroes and associated villains. (I even have a Wonder Woman blender bottle now for protein shakes.) Continue reading “You Can’t Watch a Dolby Movie Alone”