A Chronicle of Empties

I confess: I subscribe and follow quite a number of beauty, style and fashionista YouTubers (Hot and Flashy, Stephanie Marie and Nikkia Joy). I gather and absorb their tips on makeup, clothes and gadgets they can’t live without. However, there’s one aspect about their lives I just don’t understand. On a monthly basis, how is it possible to film a video totally devoted to their empties?

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Bullet in a Different Way

It seems as though I keep finding the need to have some type of bullet infiltrate my life, except of course for the kind associated with guns. First there was the bullet journal and embracing the concept, hook, line and sinker. The practice has kept me organized and goal/task driven with regard to many of my pursuits infused with all types of shenanigans. I’m still keeping things minimal and the swap away from full-out daily entries. I never thought a weekly layout would be my thing…but it is. Continue reading “Bullet in a Different Way”

Slamming Down a Shot: Turmeric/Apple Cider

I’m always on the hunt for all-natural ways to help manage my rheumatoid arthritis. In the past, I have tried using apple cider…a tablespoon with water chaser. But it really didn’t make any difference whatsoever with decreasing joint aches, especially when the weather drops and it gets cold. Continue reading “Slamming Down a Shot: Turmeric/Apple Cider”

My Birchbox Dilemma

I discovered Birchbox and thus the concept of subscription boxes back in April 2016. I attended a digital marketing conference in NYC, and met Rachel Silver who was the former head of Birchbox’s social media presence. Rachel spoke about the power of using Facebook Live (before it took off like wildfire) by demonstrating how Birchbox used this video tool  to unbox their monthly boxes. Tips were provided on how to maximize each item in the box to its full potential.  Continue reading “My Birchbox Dilemma”