Midweek Photofinish

Best-laid plans went slightly awry today and I only have time for a very abbreviated post. And with the lateness of the hour, my morning brain didn’t have the gumption to write the planned book review for my recently finished reading selection. Hence, plan B was called upon to be put into action. Continue reading “Midweek Photofinish”

Almost Finished Fiber Friday

I had great intentions last night to finish plying the two bobbins worth of Spunky Eclectic Club that have been languishing. And here’s the backstory…The singles were completed months ago and I’ve been, every so often, hopping onto the wheel, Levana, to ply. Continue reading “Almost Finished Fiber Friday”

Contemplative WIP IT Wednesday

Even though I purchased yarn last Friday with the intent to use for Andrea Mowry’s Comfort Fade Cardi, the skeins were not speaking to me. I knew that at this juncture before I even cast on, if I was just meh about the yarn, the cardi was not going to ever make it to cast off, soak and block. Continue reading “Contemplative WIP IT Wednesday”

What Do PB&J and Voltron Have in Common?

The answer to the burning question, “What do PB&J and Voltron have in common?” is: Denis Morton. Who is he exactly? And what is the connection between these seemingly unrelated items? Denis is one of the newest Peloton Instructors, who changes up the descriptive analogy between cadence and resistance meeting together to give the rider output on the bike. His great imagination paints that picture for me as I do not have a Peloton bike (but definitely have the itch). I use the Peloton app on either my iPad or iPhone with a bracket fastened onto the handlebars of my Sunny. Continue reading “What Do PB&J and Voltron Have in Common?”

Fiber Friday Not So Fab

It is ever so sad the lack of progress I’ve made (you need to look for it with a magnifying glass) with my Spunky Eclectic Club spinning.

All I did in the last two weeks was finish one bobbin of the February 2016 Farmer’s (BFL) Sheepswool in “Aspens.” Then I did manage to spin two of my fiber nests onto bobbin two. Lastly I prepped half of the March 2016 Po-Mo-Silk in “Black Pillar” bump in fiber nests and plunked them into a ziploc bag for safe keeping. Continue reading “Fiber Friday Not So Fab”

Fiber Friday

Besides not getting a lot of knitting done this week, even less was  accomplished with my fiber and on the spinning side. Only 1 oz (quarter of the February 2016 Spunky Eclectic Club bump) is on a bobbin. It’s Farmer’s (BFL) Sheepswool in “Aspens.” But I do find spinning extremely relaxing and therapeutic, which might come in handy as we wait to see how Irma’s journey through Florida shakes out. Continue reading “Fiber Friday”