Fiber Friday

fiber fridayOver the years, The Prophet, aka college son, seldom requested hand-knit items. There was an authentic  Gryffindor scarf to honor his love for Harry Potter along with matching socks. And then a Flame Hat in Tampa Bay Lightning colors. [Unfortunately with selective hearing someone didn’t hear the direction to not wash the hat in a washing machine…felted and shrunk to the point it doesn’t even fit a five-year-old’s head. Tried to show scale in the picture with the Torie & Howard candy container and the small pepper mill.] Continue reading “Fiber Friday”

The Spin Doctor Is In

More than eight years ago, I challenged myself to learn how to spin my own yarn…basically born from the fact that I wanted to have the luxury of making sure that the vision of a Noah’s Ark pairing of yarn and knitting matched in my imagination. Many times I discovered a pattern that I desperately wanted to knit, but only to go into the rainy-day pattern binder until the right yarn came along to coincide with the image in my head.

Solution: spin my own yarn. Continue reading “The Spin Doctor Is In”