Bingeworthy Viewing

I love to binge and watch TV series. My first binge-worthy series was “Game of Thrones,”  (first season), but there have been many shows that followed. I’ve binged on one of my favorites, “Orphan Black,” but for whatever reason, I stopped watching two years ago and think that it is high time to get caught up. Of course, some of the others–as many discovered before me–were: “Walking Dead,” “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “The Affair” and “The Killing.” Continue reading “Bingeworthy Viewing”

Surviving WIP It Wednesday

Not only are we big “Designated Survivor” fans in this household, but we’ve been watching “Survivor” since its inception in 2000. Hence a little delayed in blogging today as I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV screen and what was transpiring for the finale for the 35th season titled “Heroes, Healers and Hustlers.” I actually did not knit at all as I have during previous episodes of both shows with ‘survivor’ in their names. Continue reading “Surviving WIP It Wednesday”