Bullet in a Different Way

It seems as though I keep finding the need to have some type of bullet infiltrate my life, except of course for the kind associated with guns. First there was the bullet journal and embracing the concept, hook, line and sinker. The practice has kept me organized and goal/task driven with regard to many of my pursuits infused with all types of shenanigans. I’m still keeping things minimal and the swap away from full-out daily entries. I never thought a weekly layout would be my thing…but it is. Continue reading “Bullet in a Different Way”

WIP IT Wednesday

Unfortunately, knitting is not moving along as quickly as I had hoped. Reason: I can’t knit and watch “Stranger Things Season 2” at the same time. Weird. Nevertheless, I did manage to knit a couple of leg rounds for sock #1 of The Prophet’s Zig Zagular socksContinue reading “WIP IT Wednesday”

Eighteen Before 2018

Yesterday while cruising through my Instagram feed, I happened upon a post by Lisa Jacobs (@iamlisajacobs) about not waiting for 2018 to start and making and completing 18 goals before 2018. It’s just what I needed to refocus and get back toward what I’d still like to accomplish in 2017. Continue reading “Eighteen Before 2018”