A Heartfelt I’m Sorry

Traditional gender stereotypes somehow missed our house in that I enjoy thrilling, scary, drama, blood and guts, violent movies and my husband…not so much. He prefers rom coms…hands down every day. So how do we handle television viewing? Compromise, with a happy medium, is the key. We meet in the middle with comedies. We’ve binged such titles as “Grace and Frankie,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Community,” “Space Force,” “30 Rock,” “Working Moms,” to name a few. This past weekend we were flipping thru Netflix to see if something peaked our interest and lo and behold we discovered a surprising winner in “I’m Sorry.”

The two-season series (thankfully renewed for a third season) was a gem of a find. “I’m Sorry” is the semi-autobiographical brainchild of Andrea Savage, a comedic actress, writer and I believe stand-up comic as well. The series showcases her life with her lawyer husband, Mike, (Tom Everett Scott) and kindergarten-age daughter, Amelia. Her parents are a hoot and a holler played by Kathy Baker and Martin Mull. One of the first scenes hooking us in was actually within the opening credit when Andrea is driving and eating…what she’s eating out of the bowl we are still not totally sure. I think it is oatmeal but it could be some pasta, maybe?

‘THE’ Talks

We never watched a show where parents had to unexpectedly explain such heavy-duty topics to offspring so young. There’s racial diversity. There’s the mention of a euphemism for lady parts (“front tushy”), which prompts a discussion about where babies come from. And shortly on the heels of that fun topic: the difference between sex to procreate and sex for plain ole enjoyment. The language can be four-letter rated and raunchy but it flows and very much tied to the characters who utter the words. One of the funniest bits centers around the couple’s fascination with the Next Door app. We can totally relate. It seems like every day there’s a notification about a missing dog, buy or adopt a kitten, a break-in of a car left unlocked…you get the picture.

On a personal style level, I found Andrea Savage far ahead of the curve. The first season of the series was filmed sometime in 2017 to air in 2018 or there about. Throughout the 10 episodes in that season and bridging over into season 2, our funny mom is modelling, most days, a perfect front tuck, which is complimented with rolled/cuffed jeans and either short booties or white sneakers. As an aside, my husband doesn’t get this current front tuck trend and likes to utter some choice words about the ‘look.’ He actually had to eat some words because Andrea totally pulls it off.

For sure looking forward to seeing in the third season, where the Warren-Harris family takes us on their journey through life in LA.