Back to Baking Basics

img_7454This past weekend, not only did I have to brush off the cobwebs on my bakeware, but also perform some summer cleaning on the blog. I decided to get back in the saddle and start blog writing again. It has been too long. And I needed to decompress my brain to pursue other writing topics other than COVID-19 (as dictated by my day job). Great plan, right?

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Let the Garden Magic Begin

Hard to believe that this is our one year plot anniversary in our community garden, Vista Gardens. We were fortunate our first year to have quite the harvest of red leaf romaine, butter crunch lettuce, lacinato kale, green onions, sweet banana peppers, tomatillos but only one strawberry and one Cherokee purple tomato. Continue reading “Let the Garden Magic Begin”

Tuesdays in the Garden

Last November, we decided to walk down to the community garden and check it out during the fall open house. It seems like there’s never been a time when I didn’t want to grow my own vegetables and herbs in a garden…especially in a raised bed. There was a waiting list but it wasn’t long before we laid claim to our very own 4 x 16’ plot at Vista Gardens. Continue reading “Tuesdays in the Garden”