Getting Used Q & A

Once again on this fine Monday, I am purloining a little Monday Q&A from Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin. Here goes:

*Can you knit something by “heart?”

Once I get into the rhythm of a pattern, it becomes a little bit by heart. But I really still double check the pattern because sometimes my mind wanders and before I know it, I’m on a different stitch and frogging it back. Continue reading “Getting Used Q & A”

Answers to Burning Questions

Purloining a little Monday Q&A from Kathy B at Compassionknit in Wisconsin.

* Have you seen someone you know personally on television?

Starting my career in media relations and PR, I got to know many of the anchors and reporters at the various stations in Tampa. In addition, I brought many spokespeople in for news segments. In fact, one time we did a segment on the local CBS affiliate’s very early morning show about a Kids and Yoga Class being offered at the wellness center and my son, The Prophet, was one of the kids. helping to demonstrate different moves. I also met quite a number of celebrities over the years, Tim McGraw, Larry King, Anita Diamant, Anna Quindlen, Dr. Oz, (forgot all about Dr. Oz until I just watched Jeopardy and he was guest announcing a category) to name a few. But I actually met Hulk Hogan at a Ballys Gym in Clearwater when I first moved to Florida. And he is truly larger than life. Continue reading “Answers to Burning Questions”