You Can’t Watch a Dolby Movie Alone

On my curated list of things, I’d like to do, and close to the very top, was getting tickets to watch a Dolby movie. Over the years and the last couple of months, The Prophet has been stoking the fire and educating me on the evolution of superheroes and associated villains. (I even have a Wonder Woman blender bottle now for protein shakes.) Continue reading “You Can’t Watch a Dolby Movie Alone”

#GYST on Labor Day

It has been a nice and leisurely weekend. With the Prophet in for part of the long weekend, we trekked over to Pinellas to visit mom, have lunch, and go to the movies. Somehow everyone agreed to my choice: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” Lots of profanity and violence, which ironically, only my DH was uncomfortable. Big fan of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson…so truly how can you go wrong? Entertaining and some high octane chase scenes. It is what it is and nothing more…just the right choice for an end-of-summer movie.

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