Eighteen Before 2018

Yesterday while cruising through my Instagram feed, I happened upon a post by Lisa Jacobs (@iamlisajacobs) about not waiting for 2018 to start and making and completing 18 goals before 2018. It’s just what I needed to refocus and get back toward what I’d still like to accomplish in 2017.

 And the Eighteen Are…

My eighteen are founded on Level 10 goals , which are based on the concepts outlined in Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning. And with today being the 18th of August, which also happens the anniversary of Ryder Carroll launching bulletjournal.com, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to map out my Eighteen Before 2018.


  • Family & Friends: Connect at least 3 times/week
  • Personal Development: Read Deep Work by Cal Davenport
  • Spirituality: Incorporate daily meditation/breath work
  • Finances: Limit yarn purchase to only yarn needed for What the Fade and Kingston Tunic
  • Career: Complete social media certification
  • Marriage: Date night—home or out—once a week
  • Fun & Recreation: Go out to the movies once a month
  • Giving/Contribution: Clean out closets & donate unwanted closet to Life’s Treasures Thrift Store
  • Physical Environment: Organize extra bedroom to turn into home office
  • Health & Fitness: Take 3 Peloton classes and 3 weight training days with one rest day. Yoga practice daily
  • Personal Development: Read books to complete Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge
  • Health & Fitness: Make appointment for annual and mammogram
  • Career: Work on Twitter presence
  • Career: Attend participate in Twitter chat once a week
  • Family & Friends: Make holiday gifts
  • Fun & Recreation: Limit pencil use in bullet journal and go back and ink older pages
  • Physical Environment: Start seedling and plant in garden
  • Personal Development: Improve iPhone photography

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